About Speaking Wheels

A healthier lifestyle comes with some form of exercise and a state of well-being.

Cycling is definitely one of the ways to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We curate rides which are absolutely fun filled, easy paced and entertaining, if not ‘hatke’! We want people to get back on their saddles and pedal away to happiness. We want to encourage people who have left their cycling habits long back and want to get back to it. We guide you on basic bike maintenance as well.

We are here to make you appreciate not only the cycling experience but also the journey, the nature, the surrounds, the local food and culture and the friendships that you develop when we ride to different locales!! We want to a have nice mix of people from different walks of life coming together with one common purpose: cycling, thus forging strong friendships among random people.

We want people to get used to riding their bikes so that it helps the city by reducing the pollution and being more environment friendly.

Like we say, it’s not about the distance you ride but it’s all about the fun you had on the ride. Forget about the worries, and take back some great memories.

Forget the miles, lets cherish the smiles!!!

Team Speaking Wheels

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