The Speaking Wheels Tribe

The Tribe is our club where you get to meet and network with like-minded people interested in thrilling bike ride experiences.
The Tribe also gives you access to our exclusive events, rides and an invite to our Strava club to monitor your stats and grab the crowns!

why join The tribe

Pedal to happiness with the Tribe

Clubs are the backbone of the cycling scene and community, and an invaluable source of knowledge and advice that can help you improve as a bike rider. The Speaking Wheels Tribe is now 75 members strong and we want to impart our experiences to others while keeping our rides hatke!

Benefits of joining the Tribe include:

1. Discounts on Speaking Wheels' events.
2. Exclusive Tribe ride (member-only - paid/free).
3. Support - Backup, Hydration & Snacks on all weekend rides.
4. Quarterly workshops and sessions on bike maintenance.
5. Discounts for bike service/spares, equipments and apparels at reputed bike stores.
6. Exclusive buy/sell advice regarding bikes and related equipment from experts.
7. Tips and technical advice from experts.
8. Access to invite-only Strava club to monitor stats on your rides.
9. Access to member exclusive WhatsApp group.

Meet like-minded people

The Speaking Wheels Tribe is 75+ members strong. People from all backgrounds, across a wide range of ages are all brought together by a love of cycling here. Meet people you might never have encountered before, then share the love of suffering on a tough ride, and you'll form friendships for life in the Tribe.

Discover the undiscovered - Find new routes and trails!

Knowing the lanes, climbs, shortcuts and where the best restaurants are will make every ride more enjoyable and ensure you're either never further from home than you planned nor back on your own doorstep much sooner than you wanted. The Tribe gives you a perfect balance of this with our short rides.

Improve your Strava Segment times

Who doesn't want to come back from a hard ride to be rewarded with that little top 10 yellow cup or, the ultimate? With experts from the Tribe, you will enjoy the ride and improve your Strava times simultaneously!

Finally, it's not just about the cycling...

Rides at the Tribe give you the chance to chat while you whizz along and at breakfast tea-breaks, as well as some fine wine tasting experiences. Meeting and developing friendships between people from different walks of life and networking opportunities amongst members is a benefit that cannot be measured at all.

Join the Tribe at  ₹2700  -  paid annually!

Forget the miles, let's cherish the smiles!

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