Forget the Miles
Let's cherish the Smiles

With Speaking Wheels, it's all about the fun you have on the ride!
Forget the miles,
Let's cherish the smiles
With Speaking Wheels, it’s all about the fun you have on the ride!
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Cycling is definitely one of the ways to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Speaking Wheels curate rides which are absolutely fun filled, easy paced and entertaining, if not hatke!  We want people to get back on their saddles and pedal on to happiness. We are here to make you appreciate not only the cycling experience but also the journey, the nature, the surrounds, the local food and culture and the friendships that you develop when we ride to different locales!

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Pedal to happiness

Speaking Wheels welcomes you to hop on the saddle, take your bikes out and pedal to happiness. Enjoy the local culture and cuisine along with the spectacular ride!

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Huge thanks to the best cycling group! SW is always full of fun, encouragement, great company, support, appreciation, meticulous planning, expert guidance & awesome circuits. The attention to details is just incredible. With their support we've completed several 100 km riding days, something we couldn't imagine, even in the wildest of our dreams, few months ago. Their workshops are very helpful to understand the basics and techniques of safe, efficient cycling. Each and every ride is unique, a new learning & experience. All arrangements including logistics and food, are very well thought & organized! With them, we have certainly Pedalled to Happiness…

Ashutosh Sovani
SW Tribe Member

Women's ride by Speaking wheels was my first cycling event and I really enjoyed it! I experienced a warm welcome from all and got to meet many new people. They were much experienced and older than me but they never let me feel any different. Looking forward to do more events like this!

Sanika Relekar

"I can't do so much cycling ..."
From here to "Where's the next trip?"
My journey to think like this is the skill and victory of #speakingwheels!

Continue the success story of #speakingwheels giving strength and inspiration to many like me!
Thank you so much #speakingwheels and lucky to be a part of you!!

Kalpana Patankar

It is the experience that matters the most, we must create experiences and memories - and that is exactly what we did during my first long ride to the Rann of Kutch . All the "good" adjectives in my vocabulary fall short to describe those days we spent together on the bicycle ride event . Be it the the travel, the stay, the cycling experience, the circuit design, the friendships that blossomed over the bonfires at night or on the long cycling stretches, the technical as well as "moral" support, the taste of local food and cultures - everything felt just spot-on with them! I met some truly inspirational people on this ride too who proved that impossible is just a state of mind and 325 km is just another number!

Anagha Dongre
SW Tribe Member

It was all because of Speaking Wheels teams constant efforts that we could visit those picturesque places straight out of a National Geographic documentary.

It would have been impossible for me to see the rich heritage and dynamic culture of the places we went to, if it hadn’t been for Speaking Wheels. Your presence made the already beautiful places many times more interesting.

Bhagyashree Rane
SW Tribe Member

Cycling is picking up fast all over India, in fact that is one of the best ways of seeing, feeling, experiencing the region. It is more than just a point to point ride and it is certainly not a race. Speaking Wheels put in extraordinary effort in planning their rides right down to the minutest details without being pedantic or iron clad about checklists and a schedule. There is enough flexibility to make a chai stop or pose for a selfie, savouring a rare bird or just plane time-pass. This makes it perfect for novices, as they have support and experts, as they can enjoy the ride care free. I wholeheartedly recommend riding with these folks, they keep the spirit of cycling alive and use the cycle for its intended purpose, seeing the world from up close!

Sunil Dongre
SW Tribe Member

Speaking Wheels is an amazing group, I joined in for their Women’s Day ride to strawberry farm and it was such a great experience. It was organized very professionally and they took good care of us ensuring our safety, comfort etc. The ride was lead and organized by all women, a true women’s day celebration :)

Looking forward to more rides with speaking wheels!

Rupali Deshpande

Heartiest Congratulations to the Rann Centurions, you all should be applauded for your indomitable spirit and the desire to keep going inspite of the harsh conditions, especially in Rann once the Sun starts beating hard on you. Cycling and SW team has taught all of us that “its the journey that’s important than the destination”.
Cycling isn’t just a sport, it inculcates so many values and changes the perspective towards challenges, relationships and life in general.
Once again a hearty congratulations to the Rann riders for all the efforts and giving all of us these wonderful experiences topped with sweet memories to cherish and brag about!

Dr. Niranjan Dhekne

A brief history
about Speaking Wheels.

A healthier lifestyle comes with some form of exercise and a state of well-being and cycling is one of the best ways to do that!

We are here to make you appreciate not only the cycling experience but also the journey, the nature, the surrounds, the local food and culture and the friendships that you develop when we ride to different locales!

Like we say - it’s not about the distance you ride but it’s all about the fun you have on the ride. Forget about the worries, and take back some great memories!

Team  Speaking Wheels

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