Cupper on wheels

January 5, 2022
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Explore the tea culture of old Pune on your bicycle during this guided tour.

It only takes two pedals to change one’s lazy morning into an exciting one, believes Rahul Nene. The cyclist, who is the co-founder of Speaking Wheels along with Amit Gadgil and Nishant Jadhav, has chalked up a plan for cycling enthusiasts to try his version of a good morning. Picking up Pune’s best features from the season, Nene, Gadgil and Jadhav have curated the Chai Hop Ride, a cycle ride through the heart of the rain-soaked city, making pit stops for tea, snacks and trivia. Planned as an easy and slowpaced ride, the excursion is open to all adults (18 and above), particularly cyclists who are at the beginner level. The ride will commence from Nal Stop, take a 20km loop through the old city and return to square one to end the trip.

Read more in the original article published by the Pune Mirror here.

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