Ladies Special Ride

January 14, 2022
🚴‍♀️ Women's Special

Date: Saturday, 18th September 2021

Start time: 0615 am from McDonalds, Kothrud Depot, Paud road.

Total Distance: 30 kms approx..

Difficulty level: Easy

Ride route:

Assembly art 0615 am sharp at McDonald's, Paud Road -> Ride starts at 0620 am sharp -> SNDT -> Prabhat Road -> Bhandarkar Road -> Deccan -> FC road -> Agriculture College -> Sancheti -> New Bridge -> Deccan College -> Bombay Sappers -> Kirkee War cemetery -> Range Hills -> University Circle -> Pashan -> CC -> McDonald's.


An easy paced, leisure ride exclusive for all the lovely ladies of Speaking Wheels.

Since this is a free ride, there will not be any backup nor any paid refreshments. As always, this is an easy paced ride targeting at amateurs and beginner lady cyclists with a couple of regroup breaks and photo breaks. This ride is more or less to meet up for cycling again and get into the groove!!

Please carry some refreshments for self, spare tubes and proper hydration. In addition to this, its advisable to carry a rain jacket and a plastic pouch for wallets and phones in case of rains.

Total time taken for the ride will be somewhere close to 2.5 hours, depending on the number of stops, breaks that occur due to rains or anything else.

The weather should be great to cycle and the route is definitely scenic.

We start our rides at the time mentioned, so kindly be at the location on time. If anyone is late to reach for some reason, you can catch up en route. We will be sharing live location once we start the ride.

Let's pedal to happiness everyone!!

Event Cost:


Please Note: Since this is free ride, kindly book this separately, not along with any paid rides.

Speaking Wheels

Speaking Wheels curates rides which are absolutely fun filled, easy paced and entertaining, if not hatke!  We want people to get back on their saddles and pedal on to happiness.

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