Puncture repair & Spare tube change Workshop

February 8, 2022
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Event Name: Puncture repair and Spare tube change Workshop
Date: Sunday, 13th Feb 2022
Start time: 0430 pm
Location: Montvert Clubhouse Ramnagar, Bavdhan


Hands on demonstration and training to change a tube of the cycle wheel and puncture repair.


One of our most popular workshop’s next edition. We guide you on how to replace a spare tube or patch a puncture in case of a flat tyre of a cycle. This enables you to go on longer routes without being apprehensive in case of a flat tyre on a ride. It builds up confidence and makes you independent to replace a flat tyre or patch up a puncture. In addition to this, some basic maintenance tips are also shared in this workshop.

This is usually followed by a cup of hot tea and biscuits to end the session.

Please carry the following with you for the workshop:

  1. Your own cycle.
  2. A personal puncture repair kit (you can purchase this in any cycle accessory shop or order it online. We recommend that everyone needs to have his/ her own puncture repair kit)
  3. A spare tube, specific to your cycle/ tyre.
  4. A relevant spanner in case you do not have a quick release system for your cycle tyre.
  5. A rag to clean your hands at the end of the session.

We ensure that this workshop will be extremely beneficial for all your rides, short city rides or long tours.We will be a group of 15 people max. So please confirm your seats at the earliest! The workshop will be held in the evening session this time due to availability of the venue. So kindly carry headlights if you are riding back. It will be sunset when we end the workshop.

Let’s pedal to happiness everyone!!

Event Cost: INR 150/- per person for SW tribe members and 200/- per person for Non SW tribe members. 

  • Guidance on replacing Spare tubes and patching up a puncture
  • Demonstration of a bike cleaning
  • Tea and light snacks in a Clubhouse at Ramnagar, Bavdhan.           

Any other cost than mentioned in Inclusions.


We will not be providing any ‘material’ needed for the above like Spare tubes, puncture repairs kits, patch solutions, rubber patches etc. Kindly contact us if you need any help in procuring the same. We will be able to guide you.

Basics Video:

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